We have an extensive network of suppliers with whom we have had a long-term relationship for many years.

We perfectly know their products by quality and price level, which allows us to target the offer by type of geographical sectors and customers.

Our knowledge of the markets allows us to put in relation the best offer with the needs of our customers.

Thanks to our purchase volumes our customers benefit from preferential rates and have access to an expanded range of products.



Most of our business is based on our ability to find the right price but above all the right product. We need to be aware of the latest innovations to assert our presence in all our markets and to continually offer new products to our customers.

As such, we constantly question ourselves and never stand by our achievements.

We offer an additional service: product creation.

Always taking care of our customers’ needs, we make it a point of honour to find the desired product or to create it according to your requirements.

To do this, we rely on a strong network of manufacturers and producers.

These projects allow us to create and to strengthen relationships with our customers but also with our suppliers. Every new product is a challenge where trust serves as the basis of work.



We represent the brands of our suppliers for the export. These brands were obviously chosen on quality criteria and the products we distribute have all proven their quality values to final consumers.

At the same time, we help our customers to establish these brands in their market and support them in the development of these products.



  • Container consolidation and optimization

We organise departures from many ports in Europe. We are therefore able to help you to optimize your shipments by consolidating as many references as necessary in one container.

Together with our partners, we can ensure the reception and shipping of your goods by making you benefit from our volumes.

When we process your orders, you can be sure that your containers are optimized, both in weight and volume.

Our goal is to increase your profitability on each container.

  • Supplying

We can deliver you to any part of the world on time, customs duty and duty free

  • Sea or air transport

Depending on your needs and the specification of your products, we offer transport alternatives.

The air shipping may be necessary to keep the freshness of the products if the product shelf-life is very short.

We can make offers to you according to the Incoterms that suit you best: from the EXW to the DDP.